Bono degli U2 parla del colloquio con Prodi

DOMANDA: Can I ask if you've had a meeting with any leader at this summit that you feel is not keeping a promise there?

RISPOSTA: Well, we met with the Italian prime minister, Romano Prodi, and to be fair to the situation, the United States underpromised and has overdelivered; Italy overpromised and is really underdelivering. And it was a very, very tense meeting and we weren't sure we were going to get anything. We got up to leave and they said, 'Stop, just please wait,' and we said, 'We've got to go to meet the president of France,' and they said, 'Please, please wait and we think we have something.' They disappeared around the corner, came back with a proposal which may turn Italy around.
Now, you may think that's absurd. You know, what does an Irish musician have anything to do with that? But actually, they're not afraid of me; they are afraid of our audience. And they're afraid of this movement that I'm trying to tell you about. And that's not about a photo op; that's about a man putting his credibility on the line with the Italian public. And I think we might have got some movement. We then had to explain to the president of France why we were late; we just said, oh, it's the Italians – (laughter).
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